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Cavriglia Park
This park is located in the Chianti Valdarno area, at an altitude of 800 metres above sea level, immersed in lush green hillsides covered in Tuscan flora. The trails throughout the park offer visitors the opportunity to catch glimpses of the mouflon, deer, roe, boar and llama that run wild there. Those who enjoy picnics can use the barbecue facilities scattered throughout the park.

Pistoia Zoo
The Pistoia Zoological Garden is open to the public every day of the year (from October to March the opening hours are 9am to 5pm, and from April to September the opening hours are 9am to 7pm). It takes at least 2 hours to visit the zoo.

Poppi Zoo
Poppi Zoo extends across an area of 50 hectares and includes the most beautiful examples of European fauna: wolf, bear, deer, mouflon, lynx and birds of prey, amongst many others. The endangered Italian species in the zoo include the white, blue-eyed Asinara donkey. The zoo is open every day from 8am to one hour before dusk.

Collodi: Pinocchio Park
Pinocchio Park in Collodi is like a living fairy tale, which enchants visitors through the beauty of art and nature. Pinocchio Park, Toy Land (Il Paese dei Balocchi) and the "Words and Shapes Workshop/Museum/Library" (Museo-Biblioteca "Laboratorio delle Parole e delle Figure") are open to the public throughout the year, from 8.30am until dusk.
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